Polar Fire Canadian diamonds are the most eco-friendly diamond in the world and are conflict free

Mined under the strictest environmental and safety standards, Canada is now one of the largest producers of diamonds in the world. With such high standards set in place, our source diamonds are the finest diamonds produced.

Knowledge, innovation, styling and our models, transforms our passion for jewelry into a Canadian diamond handcrafted work of art. 

A new era has begun...

Polar Fire diamonds are conflict free.


Meticulously traced from the diamond mine from which they are derived, all the way to the consumer. Canada has the toughest mining policies / procedures in the world, creating the most eco-friendly diamonds across the globe.

Mines in Canada are yielding some of the cleanest, whitest roughs in the world. Canadian diamonds are one of the fastest growing categories over the last two years, not only in Canada but USA, UK and Asia have seen double digit increases.

All Polar Fire jewelry is mounted in North American Gold.


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International  Certification by

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We believe our rings are not produced, rather they are crafted. We are proud to say our collection is finished in Canada with the high quality standards expected by Canadians. Each Polar Fire diamond has been laser engraved with a unique CD insignia number.  With this number your diamond(s) can be traced back to the mine, verifying its Canadian authenticity.

By registering your Polar Fire diamond(s) you will be provided with a digital record of ownership. You can verify and register your diamond(s) by visiting www.mycanadadiamond.com


Cutting & Polishing


The philosophy is quite simple, combine one of the best mined diamonds with master cutters to achieve the world’s finest jewelry. Canadian diamond jewelry.

With three cutting facilities around the world, each renowned for a specific cutting technique, the diamonds are finished with an unparalleled quality.

After using the latest in robotic cutting technology, Utopia maintains the time honoured methodology of the human touch for the final finish.  This step allows master cutters and polishers to transform a diamond into an intense fire of unmatched brilliance. 

The master cutters only have one mandate... To produce diamonds with the best possible finish. 

Compare and see the difference!